Bakura Afghans

The Afghans of Bakura are owned and loved by Toni King.


The year was 1976 and I was just a teenager when I saw my first Afghan Hound. It was love at first sight and has been a passion ever since! I spent a year searching for the perfect puppy. My search ended at the home of Nancy Bakura Garst who had two identical black-masked red puppies for me to choose from. It was a hard choice, but when one of the puppies stuck his nose down into my strawberry daiquiri and slurped the whole drink up in one gulp, the choice was made. I just had to have that one! He became Bakura's Chaka Khan, F.Ch. With the support of his breeder, Nancy Garst, and Johanna Tanner of Hounds of Xanadu, I was introduced to the world of dog shows and lure coursing. I was hooked!


Let me introduce you to my "kids" --

Past . . . Present . . . and Future!


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