Wild Faerie Batiks

Batiking is a very old art form originating in Asia. It involves a complicated dye and wax process. As a result, no two batiks are indentical. Mostly seen as patterns in clothing and tapestries, our batiks are unique designs that are a piece of art in themselves.



The Lady Saiorse
Bird in Paradise
Sky Castle
" The Lady Saiorse"
"Bird in Paradise"
"Sky Castle"


Wild Afghan
Bakura Afghan
"Wild Afghan"
"Bakura Afghan"




"Deep Blue Sea"


Because of the uniqueness of batiks, no two are exactly alike!
However certain color combinations can be custom ordered.



Wild Faerie Arts is please to announce an addition to our line -
Paper Maiche Bowls & Candle Holders made with handmade paper.

Paper Maiche



For ordering information -
Contact Toni King or Amanda Guinn




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